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Shridhar Tukaram Gurav, 

Founder | Shree Siddhi Florals

My Story

Back in the late '80s, after a myriad of jobs, I stumbled upon what would be my life's work—flowers. But you see, it wasn't the business aspect that caught my fancy; it was the service. Serving our customers, yes, but more so, Shree Siddhivinayak. There was something deeply fulfilling in creating Kanthi, Garland, Mukhut, etc. not just because they were in demand, but because they were offerings to the divine.

These pieces of art did more than just decorate; they astonished. Watching the wonder in the eyes of other vendors around the temple as these offerings were made, I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride and joy.


My brother Namdev, a carpenter by trade, and I collaborated on numerous projects, bringing together our skills to decorate for poojas and temples in those days. This blend of floral artistry and fabrication wasn't just our profession—it was our offering, our service.

That's the heart of our business, a legacy built on devotion, craftsmanship, and a bit of family magic.


Aditya s. Gurav

Production Manager

He is passionate about crafting floral arrangements and currently serves as the Production Manager at his father's company, bringing his love for flowers to life. He possesses an iron grit when it comes to accomplishment, pushing through challenges with determination.

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Grishmasri v. Masaram


Grishma is a new addition to our team, who displays genuine eagerness to learn in the floral industry and possessing a natural flair for aesthetics and artistry. Bringing a vibrant energy and a keen eye for beauty to our designing process.

Rohan p. chaurasiya

Production Assistant

Meet our go-to production assistant, always on the ball and never misses a deadline. Rohan can tackle vendor negotiations with a cool head and confidence, making sure things get done right and on time.

Ayush d. Bachim

Assistant Manager

Ayush is all about keeping the wheels turning smoothly. He hates getting bogged down by problems; he's all about finding quick solutions and moving things forward. With a generous smile that’s just as persistent.


Beyond our team with familiar faces, we're grateful to have a diverse group of dedicated individuals across various departments who contribute to our success like;

Vidhisha & Om leading Admin

Nitin leading Design Coordination

Haripada & Buddadev leading Florist Team

Sunil as Carpenter

Arjun for Fabrication

Dimple for Accounts 

Sashikant leading Helper Team

While we can't list everyone here, their hard work and dedication are integral to everything we achieve.

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